Our Wines

2015 Viognier – Lodi – $23/bottle 

Lush and ripe stone fruits on the nose, such as tangerine, apricot, and white peach.  Fresh Maui pineapple and mango round out a bright palate, along with hints of jasmine and honeysuckle.  Perfect to be shared with friends on the warm Indian summer evenings of Northern California.  Ideal for light but flavorful hard cheeses such as Manchego, and the complex spices found in dishes such as Moroccan chicken tagine.

2015 Riesling – Lake County – $23/bottle

Apricots, orange blossom, and honeysuckle bring a brightness to this dry Riesling; fruit and acid balance beautiful to be refreshing.  Excellent to be enjoyed during summer days by the water, especially with curried chicken salad with currants and walnuts.

2013 Grenache – Lodi – LIBRARY ONLY ($42/bottle)

Bright and fruit forward with strong notes of strawberry and rhubarb; cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg come through to add a bit of complexity and interest; ripe fruit on an extended finish and return.  Bring a bottle to your next summer BBQ or pair with a your favorite short ribs on top of perfectly toasted crostini enhanced with some Gorgonzola cheese and a light red fruit jam.

2013 Tempranillo – Livermore Valley – $28/bottle

Lovely red fruits are enhanced with white pepper, thyme, clove, anise, and more.  This beautifully balanced Spanish varietal is ideal for serving with red meat sliders, or pair with grilled chicken smothered in a traditional Oaxacan mole sauce.

2012 Cabernet Franc – El Dorado – $35/bottle

Boysenberries, figs, dates, and cherry preserves are distinct, balanced with nutmeg, clove, and light baking spices; hints of smoke round out the flavors.  An extended finish and return make this wine quintessential for sipping on its own or enjoying with friends over smoked pork sandwiches on a Sunday afternoon.  A French-style ratatouille, pasta Bolognese, or roasted lamb are also perfect pairings

2015 Graciano – Sierra Foothills – $25/bottle

When nosing our 2015 Graciano, you’ll think you’re smelling a basket of blueberries that have been sitting in the sun – sweet, ripe, and fresh.  The nose carries through on the palate, where hints of eucalyptus round out this off-dry offering.  Perfect for sharing with Gorgonzola cheese as part of a charcuterie platter, or with decadent short ribs cooked with thyme, roasted vegetables, and topped with a hint of Brie cheese.

2010 Umbra – Livermore Valley – $28/bottle

Dark chocolate and rich berry jams typify our Port-style wine, complemented with beautiful spices such as cinnamon and clove; caramelized and roasted nuts balance the acidity and add extra depth to the wine.  Delightful with bleu cheese, semi-sweet brownies, and just toasted mixed nut blends (low salt).  Share with family and friends this summer, surrounding firelight as the sun is setting – the perfect finish to a wonderful weekend to warm the soul.


*Tastings are $10 for four 1 ounce pours.
*One tasting fee is waived for every bottle purchased.  Tasting fees are always waived for veterans, current members of the armed forces, and first responders.