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Omega Road Winery is more than just a place to enjoy great wine. Our passion is crafting beautiful wines, and our heart and soul go into each bottle we produce. We believe in the magic of wine to spark connection, build friendships, and bring people together.

As winemakers, Alexandra and Ken strive to maintain varietal characteristics while building complex flavors. Combining her enthusiasm, his experience, and their combined love of crafting (and enjoying) beautiful wine, they started Omega Road Winery 2011, and opened the tasting room in May 2017.


Wine is magic. It has the power to bring people together and create connection. At Omega Road, we believe in that magic, and more, we believe in the connections it can spark, and the community it cultivates.

We also believe in the power of community: to nourish the connection we have with the world around us and the connection we have within ourselves. And don't worry, we're doing our part. Not just by crafting beautiful wines, but also by investing in programs, organizations, and individuals who are making the world a better place. Education, racial and social justice, food equity, and the sustainability of the earth are important to us. Beginning with the Holiday 2020 release, each new wine release will feature a new organization doing great things for the world around us.

With each sip enjoyed, each glass shared with friends, and each bottle opened with family, we're thankful that you're helping to build community. Cheers, friends!

OUR DESIRE is to create a space that allows people to come together. We welcome any and all individuals into our tasting room to enjoy a flight, a glass, or a bottle. We respect all of our guests and ask that you respect each other. We may have laid the groundwork, but we ask you to help us to create a safe and sacred space to enjoy the magic that is great wine and beautiful connection.