Meet the Family

Meet the Family


Father-daughter duo Ken and Alexandra love wine, particularly beautifully balanced and interesting wine, and especially when enjoyed with family and friends.  As winemakers at Omega Road Winery, they strive to maintain varietal characteristics while building complex flavors.  As owners, they want Omega Road Winery to be more than a place to enjoy great wine, but truly a place to build friendships.


Ken Henkelman

Ken’s love of wine started upon completing his tour of duty in the Army and returning to his hometown of Napa in the late 1960s.  He worked for the renowned Robert Mondavi Winery  and under the direction of esteemed winemaker Michael Grgich learning the behind-the-scenes work necessary to craft amazing wines.  While life took him in a different direction, Ken’s love of wine was always present, and he returned to the craft over 10 years ago as a home winemaker.  After honing his craft and expanding his knowledge, he joined forces with his daughter to shift their efforts from a hobby to building Omega Road Winery.

 Alexandra Henkelman

Alexandra has always had an interest in wine. Upon returning to the Bay Area after college, she explored the world of winemaking with her dad, and immediately found a new passion.  After spending years with her dad making wine at home, Alexandra and Ken decided to make a go of the wine business and began transforming their vision into reality.  Combining his knowledge and her enthusiasm, Omega Road Winery was born.  After several years spent crafting their own wines, Ken and Alexandra opened the doors to the tasting room of Omega Road in May 2017.